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Clearly the game thing wasn’t working out. You took a moment to reevaluate what your plan was.
“So uhh, Greyson was it? What’s your favorite thing to do?” The shy young child looked unsure about what to say, yet some of the other kids helped encourage him to speak.
“Yes? Uhh? I like… Painting…” He said.
“Oh really? That’s wonderful!” you encouraged him. A subtle snicker from one of the children just barely caught your attention. “What do you like drawing?” You tried to focus on the conversation.
“He likes drawing butts!” one of the other kids yelled. Suddenly, everyone began to burst out laughing. The little pup’s brown fur began to flush pink as he became embarrassed. Soon, it became too much for the young canine to handle; he ran away, whimpering and crying off into somewhere unknown.

Written by DriftingDragon on 07 July 2021

Both Chase after him
Both Stay there

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