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Despite not yet being oriented, you figured this was a PR nightmare just waiting to happen. You couldn’t have lost a child on your watch, even if you weren’t officially part of staff yet. Immediately, you set off right behind the crying child, yet he was a bit too far ahead, and his scampering paws were quickly fading away in the distance.
All you could really go off of was the echoing hallways as the scrabbling claws scratched their way down the glossy hallway. Each twist and turn you made caused you to feel even more anxiety as you were unsure of exactly which turns were the right ones. To your surprise, so far, you were still close on his trail. Maybe it was something about the scent, but your tracking senses had seemed to have been changed in some way by your transformation.
Your endurance seemed to be impacted as well; your feet flew across the floor as you tried your best to retrieve the young pup as quickly as possible. At the next turn, you ran into your worst nightmare.
Greyson’s trail passed straight through another toddler ward- filled with similar smells and sounds, you had to rely on luck alone to figure out where the child had gone. A sinking feeling began to take you over as you questioned your own judgement. The choice was up to you.

Written by DriftingDragon on 08 July 2021

The end (for now)

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