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"Well if you're fine we should probably get back to the festivities," the blue dragon said as he turned to head back up the coast. "I'm Rylac by the way, since now you seem calm enough to actually register my name."


"Oh..." Daniel replied. "I'm Daniel."


"That's a pretty name," Rylac complimented as he started to walk. "Pleasure to meet you Danielle."


"Actually it's-" Daniel's sentence was cut short as he stood up on his four legs and took one step forward before he crashed back down on the rocks. Rylac looked back at him as took his splayed out forelimbs and got back to his feet and started to walk, still feeling his legs shake slightly as he quickly learned how to walk on all fours. After the blue-scaled dragon asked once again if he was okay, which Daniel responded with a short nod as they once more walked down the moonlit beach around the rocky shore.


They padded over the stony beach in silence, which gave Daniel ample time to think about his current predicament and what on earth actually happened. With little information to go on the possibilities were near endless; all he knew was that dragons exist and he had somehow become one. His first thought was that the machine had somehow transformed him, but he quickly dismissed it since it wouldn't explain Rylac and plus it would have broken several scientific laws of matter and energy conversion. From the story that the other dragon had given him his mind turned to the possibility that he was having an out of body experience... and then his thoughts turned darker as he speculated the teleporter had ripped him apart and he was now dead and this was his neuron's trying to cope with his violent end.


As they passed by one particularly tall cliff face all those thoughts suddenly became background noise as Daniel's jaw dropped open in amazement. He looked out on a wide street lined with buildings and stalls that were decorated with lights and other ornaments as the whole scene was illuminated by street lamps. He would have sworn he had just walked onto any normal city street save for the fact the entire area was populated with dragons. There were no cars or other types of vehicles, though with wings one would not require such a thing he mused as they walked through the main gate and into the crowd, but there were many things that reminded him of where he had come from. He even saw two smaller dragons playing a modified version of a popular dancing arcade game, their tails flicking in the air as their heads swayed to the music.


"This is incredible," Daniel exclaimed as he walked by several stalls in awe.


"It's not bad as far as small towns go," Rylac stated with a shrug. "You've obviously never seen one of the big cities party, the fireworks display alone for some of them would blow your mind. Of course when it comes to the celebration to the standing of our peace agreement it's something that definitely deserves the fanfare."


"Peace agreement?" Daniel asked. With some careful digging he found out that centuries ago humanity and dragons struck an accord concerning the division of resources before they went to wore upon the discovery of a new continent. The dragons were all relocated there and the humans stayed where they were, and with an ocean separating them both species were allowed to flourish instead of a bloody war that could have eradicated one of them.

Written by Serathin on 17 February 2017


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