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Slowly a theory was constructed in the scientist's head, and after a bit more inquiry to the technology level of both their and human society it became even clearer. He mused that the world he lived in and the one he was in now was part of a temporal multiverse and when the teleporation crystals were readjusted they locked onto a similar project that was happening in this universe. It made him feel a bit giddy at the potential possibility that this meant for his machine, but it was tempered by the realization he still didn't have a way back to his own world and he was still a dragon... unless of course his recall failsafe still worked. If it did then he would be transported back to his own domain within a matter of hours when the machine recharged and brought him back.


Daniel was so enraptured with his new theory he hardly noticed that a red scaled dragon had been trying to get his attention for nearly a minute until a sharp jab in his side caused him to look at Rylac, then at the vendor. "I was noticing that you were staring at my necklaces," he said as he held up the polished stone that did impressively seem to wrap around itself. "Pretty young girl like yourself should have one of these around her neck. Special festival discount for you too if you and your boyfriend both get one."


"Wha?" Daniel asked in confusion. "I'm not a-" the words suddenly caught in his throat as the thought crossed his mind, was a different gender really such a stretch when he's already switched to a completely different species. His vision began to spin as he twisted his body around to check, which caused both Rylac and the vendor to look at him with confusion and embarrassment as he confirmed that the vendor was correct in his observations. "Holy crap I'm a girl..."


"Uh, we'll take both of them," Rylac suddenly chimed in as he took one of his forelimbs and fished out a card from the pocket of a wrist satchel he wore. As he handed it to the vendor to make the purchase Daniel sat down on the soft pavement, which took several tries as he realized he had to do it with a completely different set of muscles then he was used too. He began to wonder what would happen if his recall failsafe failed, how would he live in such a place? What would he do with this strange new body he was in?


Daniel felt a weight around his neck scales as he looked down to see the necklace of stone get draped around his shoulders before Rylac sat down next to him. "Well that was certainly quite the show," he stated, which caused the former human to feel flush with shame. "I'm fairly certain one does not just forget that they're a dragon and that they're female, so either you need to go to a hospital immediately or you need to tell me what's going on with you."


"I really don't think I have to tell you anything," Daniel retorted at the other dragon's intrusive questioning, though as he looked up and saw Rylac's disapproval on his face he apologized. "I just... don't think you'd believe even if I told you. Plus it's kind of a long story..."


"Well I'm all about a good story," the blue-scaled dragon said as he motioned for them to leave. "Why don't I treat you to a meal and you treat me to this explanation of yours. Something tells me we're going to want drinks on this one...

Written by Serathin on 25 February 2017

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