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As nice as the offer seems to be, you don’t exactly feel comfortable staying with a complete stranger. You turn him down, but decide to ask him if he might know anything about your situation. You explain it to him, and the anthro mouse just looks at you with disbelief.


“Hmm... Sounds rather odd if you ask me. Humans only exist in fairy tales here... Not saying I don’t believe you but... Well... You’ve got to understand my situation here as well..”


Disheartened you turn to leave, thanking the other for his kindness in helping you out, but insisting that you must find a way back to your real body. You are a human after all dammit! You feel frustrated and helpless, but you’re not going to let this situation overcome you.


You try encouraging yourself as you walk out into the open once more. The birdsong seems to have returned, meaning that the danger has passed. You look first to the left and then the right, debating about which route to take. You can either go deeper into the forest or back the way you came.

Written by ShatteredBeginnings on 18 January 2016

Deeper into the forest

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