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“I´ll try.”


In the end, it took help from both Pammy and Gassan to get him back on his feet. Once Daniel was standing again, he nervously looked around.


“Should I go home?” he wondered aloud. “What will my parents say? They won´t recognize me!”


“Sure they will,” David said reassuringly. “You still look like yourself, in the face, I mean. You´re only more… female and centaur. And with horn.”


“I´m a monster!”


“No, you´re not,” David said resolutely. “You´re just different. They said that it could be hard for you to get used to the change, but we´ll help you.”


Staring in disbelief, Daniel tried to comprehend those words. Did his friends really talk with the mysterious men who crashed his life? Why did they come? What they wanted from him, or from his friends?


“They talked to you?” he asked, his voice almost breaking.


“They visited each of us,” David said grimly. “I´m sure that you remember the dreams,” he added, looking aside. For once, he seemed to be the old David, ashamed for plotting behind Daniel´s back.


“It doesn´t matter,” Pammy said, taking over the conversation. “They chose you, you need to get used to the change. Just remember, that change is good.” Again, she said the last part as if it was some sort of mantra, but it didn´t sound as mechanical as before.


“So, will you help me to get home?” Daniel asked, balancing on his four long legs.

Written by lulu-illussions on 20 February 2018

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