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“Sure,” Pammy retorted determinedly and Daniel felt somehow reassured by her confidence. It still felt a bit surreal to be suddenly changed into a mythological creature, but at least he wasn´t alone to deal with that change. His friends were still with him.


It took some effort to get Daniel into car, but luckily for him, David owned spacious sedan. They managed to manoeuvre Daniel into backseats, with his legs stretched out on the most of the space in the back. Pammy sat shotgun and Jake and Gassan agreed to stay behind and wait for David to return for them after he drove Daniel back home.


The ride was spent in tense silence, no one really knowing what to say.


Finally, they stopped at the backyard of Daniel´s house. With some more struggling to get Daniel out of the car, they were left panting and sweating at the doorstep.


“What will I tell parents?” Daniel wondered aloud.


With a shrug, David said: “That you changed.” It sounded very simple, but Daniel doubted that his parents would take it as well as his friends. After all, they weren´t visited by them. He frowned. They didn´t get his parents too, did they? He couldn´t be sure.


But he was sure that the following conversation with his parents was one of the most difficult things in his life. For the years to follow, he was never quite sure where he got the courage to finally enter the house and face them.


But he did and to his surprise, they were willing to accept their son´s new form.

Written by lulu-illussions on 25 February 2018

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