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Pammy and Jake walked a little ahead of Dan as they headed towards the Cosmic Mall. Dan had always considered this a rather strange name until she discovered that the Mall’s bowling alley had been the original piece.


Her friends seemed to be discussing some TV show that she was unfamiliar with but Dan was not really paying attention, instead, she was preoccupied with how normal everything felt. She had no problems at all moving on 4 legs nor did she feel especially strange, in fact, if anything, she would have to say it felt comfortable, almost familiar.


One thing that was less comfortable was the attention she was attracting. People weren’t freaking out but they clearly did see her as some kind of oddity, drawing many curious gazes. Less pleasant stares were not entirely uncommon but curiosity was the standard reaction.


“I was thinking you would look cute in pastels, it would contrast with your black and white fur. Need to get something nice for the party, you can’t go in that”


Lost in her own thoughts, it took Dan a moment to realise what Pam had said “Oh…uhm…wait, Party? What do you mean?”


Pammy looked at Dan strangely “The end of year party? Don’t tell me you forgot it was tonight?”


Dan’s eyes went wide “Wait…is this Monday?”


Jake gave a loud snort “I guess the process must be pretty disorienting but don’t you have a calendar or something?”


Monday. The party in which she had been changed, had apparently not happened yet. How was that possible? The idea really freaked her out. She had tried not to think too hard about whether or not that had actually been a dream but this added a whole new layer of confusion to things. Vague possibilities and unlikely explanations ran through her head for the rest of the journey.


The entrance to the Cosmic Mall was topped by a large, badly painted, spherical planet. A section had been broken away, revealing that the structure was hollow and wooden. The Cosmic Mall was not a high class kind of place.


Jake gave Dan what he though was a seductive look, while ‘subtly’ moving closer so that he was lightly leaning against her shoulder “We can still ditch this cheerleader and go and have some fun?”


Pammy just shook her head, paused, and punched Jake hard on the arm “Leave her alone, if you want a sexy skunk so much I am sure a new body could be found for you too”


Jake gave a small laugh and followed Pammy into the Mall with Dan following just behind, feeling a little shocked.


“They don’t really design clothing for you unfortunately. Maybe in the future but my research suggests Fashion Labs have some stuff that might work”


Fashion Labs was a lot larger than Dan expected, almost more like a department store than just a clothing shop. This was probably just as well, because Dan’s large body quickly proved an issue in the tight isles, and in a smaller shop, this would have been a more significant problem. Still, with Pammy’s help, Dan tried on at least a dozen tops. It was a strange, if an unexpectedly pleasant experience. Pammy helped her in the changing room, still lamenting the relative sizes of their chests, while Jake stood outside, complaining that Pammy got to see her naked.


Written by foxyscribe on 30 May 2017

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