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Eventually, however, they found a rather lovely soft pink top. It was made from a stretchy nylon and had a series of ‘windows’ cut into the front, that was meant to give a tantalising view of the inside curves of its wearers chest. Dan, however, possessed 6 breasts, not 2, and by getting a shirt several sizes too large, the windows sat rather nicely between her breasts, almost giving the impression it was actually designed for her. They picked up several more tops with a similar design.


With the shape of Dan’s body, she was not capable of wearing many other pieces of clothing but Pammy convinced her to try a simple velvet choker. It was not very expensive as it was largely just a single piece of smooth material and it sat comfortably around her neck. The contrast again her white fur was delicious and Dan had to admit that she really liked it. She picked up two of those.


Finally, with significant prodding, Dan was sat on her back haunches before a makeup desk. Pammy had paid a small amount to have the staff expertly apply makeup to Dan and soon she was sporting a deep, shiny violet shade, spread across her single plump lip. Thick, inviting mascara on her eyes and a matching shade of violet on her claws.


Dan purchased a couple of lipsticks, varnishes and mascara’s and added them to the square paper bag with her new clothing. This was proving a very odd day.


“We should get your ears pierced, maybe some other stuff! Get you some jewellery. I think you would look cute with a couple of rings on those ears and maybe a tongue stud”


Dan frowned slightly at Pammy as they exited the shop “Uhm, not just now, this is enough…I…think.”


Her voice slowed as she noticed her appearance in a large mirror at the entrance to the shop. She looked…incredible. She had never really been into anthros. Sure, the occasional picture tugged at her in the right way but in general, that just was not her bag, but this, this black and white goddess reflected in the mirror was incredible appealing. She tore her vision away trembling slightly, in that moment, it was like everything was the way it was supposed to be, it was like this was what she was supposed to be.


That couldn’t be true could it? She didn’t really want to be a skunk?


“We should head back” said Jake “The party is supposed to start in” he checked his phone “3 hours”


Dan nodded numbly “Yeah…yeah. Let’s head back”

Written by foxyscribe on 30 May 2017

Both Attend the Party

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