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Once again, you figured that patience in this situation was a bit more valuable than being the first to attack, or having the upper hand over something. You al quietly moved forward, hoping that the bright light from the other side of the door wouldn’t have given away your position. Slowly, everyone inched their way forward, taking their actions after you as you lowered your body, spread your wings, and crouched down as you slowly eased forward.
“What do you think that is.” Casey came up to you, whispering so quietly you could barely hear her voice.
“It looks like a fire…” You responded.
“Do you think that’s the others?” Barely asked, just as quietly.
“We’re gonna have to hope so.” In the pit of your stomach, you truly wanted to believe that. You were so tired that being in the darkness alone was almost enough to get you to pass out from exhaustion. Still, your eyes blinked open and closed slowly, every step you took felt like a thousand pounds were tied to your ankles. But like all other times, you just wanted to push forward, hoping that things would be alright by the time you got there.
The click of a gun sounded off inside of the room. Suddenly, your two other teammates took note of it and called out into the darkness. They were already primed by that distinct sound, so it was easy for them to recognize the source.
“Duke? Buddy? Twins?” Barley called out in the darkness. You could hear him swiftly stand up; the whooshing of his thick fluff.
“Yeah it’s us!” You heard the familiar bark of Duke’s gruff voice. “Stand down boys” He called out in his trademark demanding tone.
“Great to see ya!” you heard Buddy barking happily. “Had us scared there. Where did you come from?” he asked before plopping down by the fire. By this time you noticed that the remaining four members had already regrouped.
“God Duke!” Barley said before shooting the twins a quick glance. “We sure do got a lotta stuff to catch up about!” He said before you all decided to sit, rest, and do some tactical catching up.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 19 January 2022

Male Have them take a shift. You need some rest

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