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At this point, you didn’t want to have to hear a recap of what you just went through. Upon sitting down, you started to feel the hopeless tiredness washing through your body in waves and it became harder and harder for you to keep your eyes open. You thought for a moment, wondering how your side of the platoon had fared, but it seemed kind of like the others were far more well rested than you guys had been. Maybe you all just stumbled across them as they were waking up or something.
All of these thoughts rushing through your head started blaring like a siren, they were going word after word as if you were slowly losing control of your own mind as you started falling asleep. You figured out that it was definitely the best to take some rest before you made any other rash decisions.
“Hey. We’re pretty tired.” You suggested, watching Barley and Casey nearly nodding and slurring their words as they talked. “As Barley mentioned, we’ve been doing a lot. I can catch up with you guys after getting some rest. Are you all good to do some looking out?”
Duke stretched, yawning, and blinking the sleep out of his eyes before shaking out his shaggy dark fur.
“Why not. We just got some rest anyway.” Your suspicions were correct. They seemed far more alert and quick-moving than any of you guys had been. It was easy to take their energy to your advantage.
You didn’t know how long you all had been in the structure so far, but you figured that it couldn’t have been that long. For a moment you wondered if this place had also changed up your perception of time as well, but it wasn’t hard for you to think these crazy thoughts as you slowly drifted off to sleep.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 20 January 2022

Male Deep sleep. You trust them too

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