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The first thing you find is a large black and white tail growing out from your tailbone. As you look at it in shock you see it being pushed out and a new pair of legs growing.
Looking down you see between your front pair of legs go smooth and look behind but to your shock their is no buldge but the opposite. The fur from the tail then starts growing at the base and spreading quickly. You look at the white stripe and realise that your becoming a skunk. You look at your back legs and amend that: You are becoming a Skunk taur.


Then as if mocking you your chest starts expanding in 6 different directions. Oh yeah, female skunk taur. Still you do have the option of jumping in 24 hours.


Surprisingly your wardrobe is also changing. Your pants have disappeared altogether and your shirt is shrinking to just barely cover your new breasts. You gulp seeing at how much space it has left for them.


The fur by now is at your front and you look back. You do have to admit that your behind does look quite good. You lift one of the paws admiring it. You watch the fur move down reshaping the legs as they do so and in the meantime the spread of fur has also moved upwards. Looking at the newly appeared mirror you see the white strip contiune to move up your back towards your shoulders.


As the fur moves to the feet below , above the fur has hit the breasts. You gulp preparing and as you feared they start expanding. first the bottom pair. Before they finish the next two pairs start growing as well. You feel your back muscles strengthening as they take on the new weight.
The fur has now reached your neck and you feel it strengthening as your mouth and nose merge and stretch out into your new muzzle. Your eyes and ears reshape, the latter pointing up as you see your hair is now white and long .


As you look in the mirror, the room begins to change around you and one of the things you notice is there are lots of posters of boy skunks in bands . Saddle bags for your school books, which snugly straddles your tauric back. A new ID card on your desk catches your attention. It seems you are now back in high school. You look out the window. Your notice you're room is now on the ground floor.


"Katie, are you ready yet? The bus is almost here." you hear a voice from outside your room.


"yeah just give me a sec" you say.


"I'm not driving you, if you miss the bus you will have to walk."


You walk out and see a larger version of you, the mother you presume.


She kisses you and puts a lunchbox in one of your bags before pushing you out the door.


You see the bus stop and walk over there slowly getting used to your new form.


On your way their you hear "Wait up" and you turn to see a male rushing up to you before giving you a kiss on the cheek "Miss me? My summer vaccation was great , I'll have to tell all about it you on the way to school. Anything intresting happen to you?"


He looks at your chest "Your a bit more developed there."

Written by catprog + Aurana on 30 January 2012

At School

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