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As you look at the costumes the door behind you opens and someone walks in. You turn around just in time to see the door opening.


"Don't let the door-" you shout, realizing that it was too late. The door slammed shut again locking you and the woman that just walked in, inside.


"Well lets not waste time picking out the costume." you say with a sigh. You had hoped for an escape so you could go to the other room with the male costumes. Then you decide that if you're going to be with her in this room, you might as well ask for her name.


"Call me Laura" she says.


"Okay, I'm (your name here)." you say.


"Of all the costumes I see here I like this one the best" Laura says, grabbing a lioness costume. the wall opposite the costumes Laura was looking at suddenly flipped and reveled an exact copy of the costume she took off of the hangar and somehow shot it to replace the costume. So now it's your turn to pick a costume. Which one will you chose?
There are plenty to pick from and it looks like Laura's waiting for you to pick your costume. Just then you get a text from the guy that owns this place. You read through it quickly.


It reads: "I see you found a friend. When you put on the costume, you two will go to the same world together but only until you wear your next costumes. I will put this information on the signs in the main room later as I have just made these modifications. Now good luck on your adventure!"


Okay, so now you get to do this with someone else. Well, adventures like this are definitely better with a friend. You turn to the costumes and try to think of what would be the best thing for you to take. You see one that catches your eye...

Written by Blaze the Anthro Gamer on 12 October 2012


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