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You take the cat costume and Laura begins putting on her costume. she begins to change and then cringes at a small amount of pain. You begin putting on yours and you feel the pain for yourself as your feet change into paws and your bones begin reshaping. Your new paws grew fur as they reshaped and that fur spread up your legs. Once the fur reached your waist your legs bent backwards and assumed the digitigrade stance that you had known to come with being an anthro.


Laura was growing her tail by now and she looked like she might be ready to burst with pain. She was growing her ears and tail at the same time and knowing that if any pain was present during transformation, the tail and ears were the most painful parts which meant Laura was going through the most pain anyone has ever felt before. Then she passed out as the tail and ears finished their course and the transformation continued. As you begin to feel the tail and ears growing out on your own body, you saw something near Laura that made you stop admiring the changes despite the pain: Blood was seeping out from under her and when you went to check and see if she was alive you found that she was dead. You knew you were about to die too as the gut-wrenching pain began to strangle you. As you saw the world fading out you saw Laura begin moving again and then everything went dark.


A moment later you found yourself in some kind of spirit world. The world around you looked something like that of the twilight in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A spirit (or at least you thought it was a spirit) walked up to you and told you about how you had nine lives now and so does Laura. He told you this is where your mind will go as you recover from whatever fatal wound you suffered and that this was just an experience of what dying would feel like. You then looked down at yourself to find that you're in a quadruped form .


At that your vision becomes filled with light. You close your eyes out of fear of going blind but the light stays there for a moment longer. When the light disappears you hear Laura's voice calling your name and you feel her shaking your furry body. You open your eyes to see that your in a building on a bed. Laura was next to you already sitting up and her tail was waving worriedly.


"I'm fine now." you say. "Just covered in fur and sore in my tail. Where are we?"


"It looks like home as far as I can tell." she replied. You realize she must mean her home and you look around at all that was here. There was a computer set up in the corner to your right, next to the door. There was a bathroom squeezed between the exit door and closet door and the closet had some really nice clothes that caught your eyes. You shook your head to clear it of the feminine thoughts and then decided to get up. You decided to walk around and notice a few things that looked like your home, only made feminine. As you look around, Laura says, "We should probably head outside to see where exactly we are."


You couldn't agree more but you knew you needed a map. Looking around some more, you find one in a well organized folder in a drawer in the desk that the computer sat on. As you look over it you find that you are in you normal home world and you wonder if there was a mistake in the spell. There was a park, shopping area, sports area, a beach, and a restaurant area in this town. Where do you want to go?

Written by Blaze the Anthro Gamer on 12 October 2012

The end (for now)
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