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You nod and pad after him quietly, now adjusted to your body's pace. You reach your first destination rather quickly, and are greeted by the sight of a large reptilian man, who stands tall before a burning anvil.


"Is he a dragon?" You whisper to Duncan, trying to keep your voice down.


Despite a lack of ears, the reptile seems to have no issue hearing you. He hisses and replies in the tiger's stead, extending a hand. "Komodo, actually. I've been here a mere decade, unlike those winged snobs. You can call me Kaito. And you are?


You look to him with a small smile, taking his hand in yours. "Mephy to you, and Mephiti to strangers." You speak warmly, only for your words to draw a peal of hissing laughter from the man.


"Did I say something funny?" You ask, a little hurt.


Kaito smirks and leans against the counter, eyes twinkling. "Just the fact that you trust me so openly... Why, what reassurances have you that I'm to be trusted, other than Duncan's word?"


You blink, at a loss for words. "I... I don't... I mean..."


"You can relax." Duncan says, shooting the armorer a sharp glare. "Didn't I tell you not to scare the new blood?"


Kaito lifts his hands apologetically, shaking his head. "Hey; I want her to be ready for what's to come. She's not the hero here; none of us are. She's just another player, and I don't want to see her get played like Sam."


At that, a sharp glare enters Duncan's eyes, and you wonder if you should press him on Kaito's words. The tiger turns to leave, and you know you don't have long to ask.

Written by SketchySeraph on 24 May 2016

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