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Jenene walked home from school, her brow knit in annoyance as she gazed at her grade card.


"Hey, Jenene. Wait up!" Sasha ran up to her.


"What's wrong?" she asked. "You kind of walked out of the classroom in a hurry."


The tanned girl stopped at her steps once allowing Sasha to catch up. “My parents ain't gonna be happy once they see this.” She said as she gave the report card to Sasha.


“Ouch… What have you been doing these past few weeks? Everything looks okay except math and science.”


“Look, I just don’t want to get yelled by my parents. They want perfect grades in every single class. Otherwise, no more cheerleading and tennis. The first time was a threat, but this time, they’ll force me to leave.”


“Well if you’re heading straight home, I don’t want to intrude then. See you.”


“Thanks. I’ll talk to you tomorrow about it. Later.”




Jenene paused in front of her house. She knew her parents were going to ask the "report card question" once she walked through the door. She let out a heavy breath and entered anyway.


Inside, Jenene made it to the living room before her mother called out from the kitchen.


“Jenene, come in here.”


Jenene winced, running a nervous, tanned hand through her dark hair as she held her report card tightly. This lecture from her parents would not be pleasant.


Written by ovelymars908 on 03 June 2017


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