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He felt a dull, throbbing pain across his entire wasn’t fun in the slightest, and no matter how much he tried, he remained painfully aware of it...but pain was a good thing, from what he learned from his work. Pain was something good, in times of crisis.


Pain meant he was still alive.


Forcing himself awake, his senses came back in bulk as he felt his eyes sting from the light of the area. He was seated on a grassy patch, with a few, curled trees nearby, as the sun bore down on him. He could hear the distant call of beasts and other things in the distance, as the area filled him with a sense of serenity and peace.
Said sense was quickly smothered by the feeling of confusion and worry. How did he get out here? He remembered bits and pieces of things, but not the whole picture; how he got here in general?


As more sensations began to trickle back to him, he felt...unreasonably hot, and covered, while at the same time, unclad. It was...hard to describe really, and it was very pressing...something was wrong.


A sense of thirst was one of the few things he was aware of and understood; he needed to find some water.
Rising to shaky legs, he staggered and stumbled, until he found a pond a short distance away from his wake-up spot; dropping to his knees and plunging both hands into the crystal-clear water to pull out a handful and—
Panic snatched his serenity away in a flash.


His hands were furry. Covered in a thin, yet coarse film of sandy brown fur, his fingertips ended in jet black talons, almost like a feline’s made no sense. A sickening mixture of curiosity and worry washed over him as he stood with more furor; looking down to examine what had happened to him.


His body was covered in that same sort of hair, and he was naked as the day he was born, with his feet ending in the same, sharp claws. A glance over his shoulder rewarded him the sight of a winding and curling feline tail, telling him that...that scaled monster was telling the truth; he did twist his body!


...and then he noticed something far more pressing. His penis was gone.


Having to hunch over a bit, he saw that he was...technically not even a he anymore; a womanly slit rested in his genital’s stead, and said hunch told him he had a pair of blossoming bosoms now, not spared from the fur either, as he dropped down, to stare at his reflection. A pair of large, feline ears rested atop his head, as his face still looked overall human...but it was very clear, he was twisted and marred into not only something female, but not even human in the slightest!


What a thing to come to and see...


A rustle in the bushes nearby drew his focus; inching back, he watched another being emerge from the underbrush, this new person being...much like he once was.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 03 September 2018

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