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...for one, male...but also anthropomorphic as well; head that of a hyena’s, with fur covering him as well, though his was dark brown and spotted. He also wore a brown loincloth made from plant fibers, and in hand, he held an obsidian tipped spear.


Overall, he looked like another lost soul...but clearly, he was one who had more time to wander about.


“Can you speak?” The hyena-headed male asked, to which he...or rather she, nodded in response. “ should come; we don’t have a lot of time to waste. Don’t slow down; if you do, he’ll get you...and then no one’ll be able to save you.”


Well that was assuring.


Still, the feline being felt it’d be a good idea to follow with the male; the two of them beginning to trek away from the clearing, and through the forest brush; the sights now filling him with a sense of ire instead of the serenity from before.


Then again, it was hard to take in the beauty of something when your body was twisted into something else entirely.


“So, he got you too?” The hyena male asked, as he flicked the spear off, keeping it ready as he moved about. “Nugruc? He captured you as well?” That made his mind wander a bit, but unfortunately, he found nothing of use...just the idea in his mind that somewhere, he heard that name...though he remained unaware if it was positive, or negative. “Even went so far as to turn your gender too, from the looks of things and how additionally confused you are over things. You must’ve really irked Nugruc if he did such a thing to you.”


“I suppose,” Even his voice came out feminine now, as his eyes drifted down to look at his taloned fingers. “ this place?”


“Honestly, not all of us are sure. We just remember the same thing, the same concept; we woke up somewhere out here, with little idea as to who were were...just bits and pieces of our memories. Sometimes, we get trickles of our old identity, but overall...we have nothing. And as for this place in general, we’ve taken to calling it ‘The Grounds’...on account of what he does.”


“What...who does?”


“The thing hunting us out here...we’re almost back to camp, but for the name’s Tyrus. Not sure if it’s my birth name, but it’s the name I chose for myself. What about you?”

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 07 September 2018

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