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No Tfs this time. Also please feel free to email requests for things to happen in the story! I don't plan far ahead so ideas can be used as early as the next day. Please feel free to make requests. It makes this a bit more of a challenge and a lot more fun for me :)


Clumsily you pad back over to your bed and climb in, practically having to drag your feline rump up behind you before curling the slender lioness body up under the comforter and falling asleep on the pillow.


The next morning you wake to sunlight filtering in through the blinds and landing across your bed, warming you to activity. You rise slowly and stretch then flinch at the strange sting your tightened shirt causes on your chest. Without thinking you reach down and cup your chest, blushing from the strange but pleasurable feeling of your breasts being touched. Embarrassed you quickly pull your hands away and sigh as you lift up the comforter and gaze down at the slender feline portion of you lounging on the soft sheets. You have to admit its very relaxing and it takes you quite a bit of time to coax your feline half into rising and clambering out of the bed. After several frustrating minutes of trying to get the sheets untangled from your out of reach hind paws you pad into the bathroom and look at the shower for a few minutes before deciding that bathing is a problem you'll have to deal with much later.


With a slight sigh you leave your room and hesitantly pad out into the hallway. Your family is gone to your sister's band contest for the weekend and fortunately you weren't forced to go because it was so far away.


Nervously you make your way into your sister's room and you do something you never though you'd do before. You rifle through her drawers and finally produce a shirt and bra. Looking down at the tight looking stretch to the shirt you've selected from your own wardrobe you're fairly certain that within the next couple hours you'll have wished you had never worn it. Nervously you slip your shirt off and with a heavy sigh you fit the bra over your new chest and spend a good five minutes fumbling with the clips on the back of it before you finally get it fastened in place and are able to put the entire business behind you by slipping on one of your sister's shirts. Still feeling strange you make your way downstairs to try to decide how to tackle this new situation.


Its definitely the strangest thing that's happened to you in the course of your life and you're honestly just a bit relieved that your lower body seems to operate so easily. As though your mind was altered to know how to manoeuvre as a liontauress. Finally you reach the kitchen and stand in the door with your tail swaying gently back and forth as you study the room's contents and try to plan your next move.

Written by LorikFurdin on 20 May 2005

Male You call your friend Jake.

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