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There?s not much there, really. Looking up, you see that the barrier that is trapping you and your opponents in this game is actually forming a type of dome over you. You?re not sure how far under the water the barrier goes, but it must be pretty deep, as there are no waves lapping at the shore. It?s hard to decide whether the stillness is relaxing or eerie.


Looking up and down the shoreline, you notice another competitor lying out on the beach, sunning herself. You turn away with a sneer, heading the opposite direction. Doesn?t anybody care that we?re trapped here?! You kick up a bit of sand in frustration at the triviality of the other contestants. They won?t be so lax when I get that power and break out of here. This stupid barrier doesn?t scare me! I?m going to escape.


You?re not quite sure what the power actually does, or if it would actually allow you to escape. But you do know that any kind of special power is better than just lying around and doing nothing. Besides, the name of the game is ?Survivor?, though no one really explained what that meant. All that was mentioned was that there?d be one Survivor. It didn?t sound like a threat on your life before, but that possibility is starting to look more and more likely.


As you continue down the beach, a sequence of rocks stretching out into the ocean can be seen. Since the waves have quieted, the tops of the rocks are dry and stick out like little islands. Looking out to where the rocks end, you notice that one of the rocks is directly in between two of the buoys that seem to generate the force field. You squint and bring a hand to your eyes to look a bit farther. It looks like there?s a chink in the force field! It?s hard to make out from here due to the distance and the translucency of the barrier, but it looks like a chance at freedom. Maybe the Survivor is the one who finds their way out first? That?d show all those lazy slackers!


As you get closer to the rocks, your head starts filling with more thoughts about what could happen once you reach the end of the rocks. Maybe the game is a test of drive and determination to escape dire circumstances. You feel a bit sorry for the producers of the show though, with you having found the exit to the dome so quickly. Maybe they?ll even have to edit you out!


You reach the rocks and slide off your sandals. Your feet will be of much more use to you if they can grip something. You look out toward the horizon once more. There?s definitely something going on with the barrier by that rock. Taking a step into the water, the thought of this being a trap crosses your mind, making you pause for a second to consider what you know before making a decision. Most of the rocks look wide enough that both of your feet could fit on them with ease, and none are more than a short hop apart. They almost seem too perfectly placed, inducing a nod of confidence from yourself, as you now know what you?re going to do. You proceed to...


Written by Zorpix on 07 June 2014

Both Turn away and look for some other sign of the game?s mechanics.

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