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“Most people take some time to adjust to their new lives and specially the new memories created by the change,” Ahalya explained as they walked down the stairs. “Some just want people to talk with that understand what they have been going through.”


But as she reached the bottom of the stairs and Ahalya tightened her grip on Danielle’s arm, she realized it was too late for second guesses. The underground level was another open-concept floor. A series of couches, bean bag pillows and benches were strategically placed around the dancing floor. The first floor had been almost formal, with an air of elegance, but here it was a spectacle of color and sound as a unicorn DJ brought sweet remixes, the light seemed to move in concert to the music, creating a symphony of light and sound.


This level of the club was decorated in lush wine-dark velvet and gold. Reddish light pulsed from within in the rhythm of the music, and flaming letters over the doorway greeted all who entered.
Danielle’s eyes darted around as she tried to take it all in. The crowd was no less diverse than the upper floors, but seemed to be much younger.


There were satyrs smoking aromatic, colorful herbs in a corner, their strange clothes fitted to their bodies.


Harpies wearing leather jackets danced with a pair of rabbits in exotic latex clothes. Danielle spotted several unusual shades of hair, fur, and skin color, scales and horns.


And there, right in the middle of the floor was the white rabbit that she had followed.
“I believe that’s more your style,” Ahalya said. “Take my advice, try to relax for tonight, don’t overthink it, just go with what feels right.”


The tigress nodded, almost entranced by the music, she walked towards the dance floor without worries and allowed the music to fill her mind and banish the worries and fears. This was what she was missing, the beat of the music, the life that seemed to fill her as her body moved to the rhythm of the music, the eyes glancing in her direction. She couldn’t miss the eyes on her, following her movements. Males, females, and others ogled her.


Danielle laughed, it certainly felt good.


Written by Ashley-natter on 22 April 2018


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