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Bright and early Thursday morning, the alarm clock crackled to life in nightstand next to Danielle’s bed.


Danielle rolled over with a groan, but as hard as she crammed the pillow around her ears, it did little to block out the loud alarm.


She cursed her last night a thousand times under her breath, how could she have been so stupid to go out to dance and drink when she had to wake at six-thirty in the morning? Danielle had already been regretting staying out so late last night, but in all honesty, she knew deep inside that it had been worth it.


She’d woken up with the bad taste of the party’s aftermath still in her mouth. She swung her feet off the bed and onto the cold floor. Brushing her teeth, she looked at herself in the mirror admiring her stripes. She had to admit that they certainly looked good.


Dressing up in the morning proved much easier, with the school uniform there was little margin for mistake, but she still took way longer than necessary to deal with the clothes.


Thankfully, she managed to dodge breakfast with her parents saying she was late for school so that they wouldn’t get a good look at her and notice what had happened last night.


Written by Ashley-natter on 28 April 2018


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