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“Another meat pile for the grinder girls.” Purrs mix in to giggles while you try to short out your head. Blinking the pain of the light forces a growl from you.


“Hear that growl she's a tough one.” A high pitch tone cackled, and the immense sense of something wrong turns your gut. Blinking you get short burst of light, making it easier for your eyes to adjust. With your head still swimming. You stand.


“What is going on here?” You ask wavering on your feet, but with your eyes open you can see what you're facing. Lions, female lions. Like the ones you saw on the discovery channel. There fur was golden and the noise came out, just like a cat. Whiskers in all. The stood around you like a small gang at a mall corner. Hissing and snarling.


“All you need to know is that your mine now. New girl.” The leader, you guess since she stepped forward. Was smaller than you, in height, girth and glancing down you see in bust too. She unlike you was wearing clothes, torn jeans and ratty shirt. She completes the image of a wannabe punk on the mall corner.


“No way.” You shake your head, deny her a simple victory. She growls, and her nose bunches revealing large fangs that were coated in her saliva. These scare tactics don't work on you. You may have just been turned, both into a female and a lion. Yet inside you still have the inner strength and thought process. This girl is bluffing you.


“Think you can take this!” She throws back her shoulders. Yowling into the air. The girl gang behind her join in. If you bowed down and accept this, you'll be under her paw. You weren't having that so you do the next best thing. With a picture of a house cat in your head. You pick up the smaller lioness by the scuff of her neck and with a flick toss her aside.


“Nice.” You give yourself some well deserved praised. Looking at your clawed tips of your golden fur hand with some amazement. You could grow to like this. Looking up you see the other girls glancing at each other. Pulling your lips back into a fanged grin, you come up with a great idea.


“You.” You point to the pink shirt lioness with the decent size rack, nothing compared to your of course. Gulped and hopped at your voice.


“Yes?” She looked to the groaning small lioness on the ground.


“Don't look at her. Look at me.” Orders roll off your tongue, and you roll your shoulders feeling much more relaxed than you did a moment ago.


“Get me some clothes.” You couldn't be the only one going around without any clothes. It would make you stand out and you wanted to blend in. Blend in and survive.


“But-” She protested, putting her hands in front of her. Like that could stop your orders.


“Now!” You hiss, sending her off to so your commands. You liked it. They way she shook to do your command.


“You, earring girl.” Putting at you next target, your stomach growls. Reminding you haven't had lunch. “Get us food. Enough for everyone.” Her earrings waved with the speed she turned to do your commands. The last one. The one who ran to the leaders side, hissed and growled at you until her fur was all standing up on end. How cute, you think looking at the pair.


“You two. I have an important job for you.” You walk over, no you sashay over. You can feel the confident roll over your hips moving side to side. You hadn't notice a tail yet, but if you could afford to look. Without ruining this moment. You were sure it would be swinging high behind you.


“We'll never listen to you!” They hissed in almost unity.


“Sisters?” You ask feeling utterly calm and extremely powerful. Your inner lioness had woken up, and you liked it. A lot.


“Til the end!” The one you had knock aside said glaring you down with black and yellow cats eyes.


“I can give you an end.” You picked them both up by the throats. Moving at them so fast you acting more on this instinct rolling through you. This voice that told you to dominate them, own them, and lead them. Or became a tool under their paw. The mere idea makes your muzzle wrinkle in disgust. Squeezing there necks, you watch them struggle. Unfeeling and rather cold blood for such a warm blooded being you were turned into.


“Or you can tell me where I am, and anything else I need to know to live here.” You were born to an information era. Information was king. To have it meant you held the cards, maybe not all of them but some. That was all you needed.


“Never.” Your claws extended out. You watch a pin hole of blood form underneath the tip of your claws. Iron-scented blood filled the air. Your muscles quivered. This was it. True dominance. They're tiny claws couldn't even make it pass the barrier of your fur. They scratched and clawed your arms, but they got nothing. You felt nothing.


“Then die.” You push your claws into their necks until there are five new pools of blood forming under your hand. Watching there eyes turned from fighter to docile dull shade. You drop them.


“You will tell me now?” You kick one over onto her back. She nods her hands on her bleeding throat. “Good,” you purr. Feeling your chest vibrate was weird yet satisfying.


“Now where to start?” You look around until you find a rock to sit on. Folding your legs you look down at the pair. Watching them heal inhuman fast under your eyes. This world was rather interesting. Forgetting all about your family, your male self, you're very past. You throw yourself into this new world.


You accept and adapt.


You smile, and you dominate.


Yes, you fold your arms under your chest. Watching your new underlings run to you with your requested items. You feel very proud of your new underlings. No you corrected yourself, your new pride. Looking down at those four scared but tamed eyes. You knew you were going to need some more.

Written by psto1464 on 21 May 2020

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