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“Damn you!” You stand right up and curse at the sky where the damn bastard dropped you from. You wouldn't play his damn games anymore. You would find your own way.


“Welcome.” A male voice turned you around. A tall man with an amazing head of luxurious hair. He walks towards you with a golden fur the shimmered in the shinning light. It makes your fur rise on its edges. Not in a good way either. His honey voice reeked of those silky bastards you hated back at home. The ones that were the leader of every activity. That had the right thing to say, at the right moment to the teachers and parents.


“Can I offer you some clothes?” Dressed in tight-fitting jeans and a nice shirt, his blue eyes smiled with the same smugness too. It was enough to make you vomit. You did however take the dress from his hands. Tossing it over your head you put the blue thing on covering the bare minimum. You got his game. Dress the girl, win her over; unlucky for him. You were once a guy, and knew better.


“Thanks.” You drawl out, but you quickly turned around. Turning down this quaint garden you found yourself in. Filled with bushes and flowers. Were lovely, and very serene. Almost like home.


“Where do you think your going?” A hand covered in light brow fur, and with dark black claws. Hung onto your elbow. Swinging you around to face his shinning, fake blue eyes.


“Around.” You tell him the truth. You intend to look around and get a feel for this animal park. You would do this alone.


“Your new here. Genie sent you here — I'm right on this. I'm here to help.” He winked on solitaire eye at you. It makes you want to gag. Why did girls fall for this shit?


“The dress is helpful.” You had the heart of a man not too long ago. As a man appreciated the short length that just covered things. One strong breeze, and guys would be taking bets on the colour of your underwear. Not that you were wearing any or that you any knowledge if lioness wore underwear. Hell, your prince charming could be going commando right now.


“I can be more helpful. Join my pride.” He pulls you in, feeling up your side like he owns your body.


“Fuck off you bastard.” Lions, you knew lions. You saw the Disney flick, watch the discovery channel. His mane, was too small, his shoulder to thin. A male lion in a human form should be burly and huge, making the damn guy who sent you here. At least think twice before challenging him to a fist fight. “I'll find my own way.”


“You say that, but I don't see you having an option here.” He growled low in his throat, it sounded more pissed house cat than prowling lion. Showing off your own brand new white fangs, giving him a taste of a real growl.


“No. You don't have the option.” Lashing out like the house cat he sounded like. You hit him with the power of your new form. Females were the fighters of the lion world — also discovery channel. You knock the wimpy bastard flat. Making the path to your new life, free and clear. At least for now.

Written by psto1464 on 22 May 2020

The end (for now)
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