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“Guys?” he tried to say, realizing his normal voice isn’t possible in this form, but then they suddenly all turned to him.


“He’s awake.”


His mind suddenly felt a blast of greetings and random, fleeting thoughts as their eyes all met his.


“What the-?”


“Something’s wrong.”
“I don’t sense anything.”


“Am... Am I in their heads?”


“Of course.”
“How else would you speak?”
“What’s wrong with him?”


Their thoughts came so quickly, often overlapping each other that he struggled to pick out the messages, but slowly, he adjusted to the strangeness of focusing his mind to send a message.


“What’s going on?”


“What do you mean?”
“We are waiting.”
“Cards. We’re losing.”


Dan blinked. “This doesn’t make sense...”


“What doesn’t?”
“No, this game is quite simple.”
“What else would we do besides wait?”


Dan furrowed his brows, struggling to get anything out of this. They are acting as though nothing is out of place! But he’s a unicorn! “Screw this! I’ll just go figure it out!” Dan turned to leave, instantly hearing an explosion of their thoughts through his entire mind.


“What? No! You can’t!”
“He’ll get us!”
“I’m scared.”
“Don’t leave.”


Dan hesitated, so baffled by the thoughts he overheard each moment, but he shook it off, certain this had to be some elaborate prank or if not, they weren’t helping figure it out. But, with his next step, Patty actually threw herself forward, clutching onto his slender, hoofed leg.


“Noo!” she shouted aloud, showing the first glimmer of emotion he’d seen so far from the stoic teens. “You can’t leave us! Please! Please stay! It’ll get us! God! Please! Dan!”


He scoffed though, pushing past and stumbling down the front stoop. His legs felt alien, but with focus he managed to control his four legged form out onto the sidewalk. As soon as one hoof hit cement, he heard a sudden howl of pain.


“Ahhhhh! Noo!’
“Oh God!”


The rich sound of his friends’ screams all layered over each other blasted out of the house, following by the echo of wet, animalistic sobbing. Then, more screams, almost inhuman cries of pain. Afterwards, silence.


“What the fuck was that?” he thought, pausing.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 25 April 2016

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