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“What was that?” Dan thought again, figuring he should at least go in and check. Worst that happens is they are teasing him, right? He worked back up the walkway, pushing into the open door only to see the most horrific sight of his life.


His friends were scattered over the carpet like dolls cast aside. A sheen of blood glistened on all four walls and the floor like spilt paint. Each body, each of his bestest and closest friends, had been dismembered so that their arms lay at their feet and hands tangled in their hair with the fingers spilled over their stomach. Nothing was attached. Ligaments lay around like sickening streamers at a party celebrating not life, but a death. A stomach actually tangled from the ceiling fan, hovering like a fucked up balloon.


Then, all around, a disembodied voice began to laugh. “You had one job!” it called, laughing. “Yet you turned away! You fool! You sacrificed them to me! I have feasted while you stood just outside!”


Dan’s baffled, just staring at the bodies on the flood, not understanding, but suddenly their voices, their pleas come back to him. Their crying voices, “You’re our protector, please don’t leave.” He hears their voices on repeat, echoing around and around in a loop.


He couldn’t look away from the glitter of the blood. Even as it began to dry, growing crusty, he didn’t stop watching it. He didn’t stop hearing their voices, begging. As the days melted away, he imagined feeling Patty grabbing onto his hoofed leg again, trying to keep him there, but in reality it was only a rat, eating away at his living flesh.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 01 May 2016

The end (for now)

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