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With one last look you swim off from the island. Legs kicking behind you you climb out on the edge of the park and shake yourself dry. Looking around you try to get your bearings as to where your house is.


Heading off you start seeing even more people who are changing. Foxes , Dogs, no tigers though.


You walk right by a familiar house, but it is broken down, not fit to be lived in. There is nothing for you there. Then you come to a house next to the familiar one. And this one seems to be visibly changing into something that was screened in.


A set of double doors allow you entry into the area. The floor opening up above you into branches, The furniture twisting into trees. Instinctively you take our your claws and dig them into the bark climbing one of them, and out onto a branch giving you a good view of the area.


The screen is growing up and out, encircling a number of houses that also seem to be changing into the forest. The outside world seemingly disappearing. The screen only visible because you know it is there. The sun warming your branch feel so good, you could have a nap here for a while.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 26 July 2015

Sleep for a bit

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