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“Tell me,” Daniel asked Matthew.
“Look unless there is some other dragon in this compound.” Daniel looked around for emphasis. There was no one else there. “I'm all you got, and all you got thinks the knight have a point.” Daniel laid her all her cards on the table, as her dad liked to say. Now it was up to Matthew. He check her over, not her body but her face. Daniel tensed with his eyes scrolling over her face. If whatever he was looking for wasn't there. Daniel knew he would never tell her a thing now or ever.
“A quick history lesson. Then we must go.” Matthew said. It was slow and his eyes narrow. He was still judging her. Not wanting to spoil this rare moment. Daniel nodded and used her hands to motion him to talk. “Dragons and humans lived peaceful together, once upon a time.” Matthew used his claw to mocking quote the last bit. Daniel nodded.
“Then humans started enslave us. We age slower and were more resilient; making great toys and pets.” Daniel winced, humans did that to themselves, she could easily see them doing it to another race.
“Dragons numbers were small, their eggs needed time to hatch.” Matthew's eyes grew distant, the air around him felt cold; Daniel clutched her hand to her chest. Feeling Matthew's sadness. “Three times as long as humans. Many were lost in wars.” Matthew eyes wrinkled, the pain was close to home. Daniel wondered if it was a sibling, or even his own? She didn't dare ask.
“To hide the dragon went to human sympathizers.” Matthew open his eyes. The weight of them turned her breath ragged. “Some fell in love, and mix breeds. In time the blood lined thin, becoming more human than dragon.” Matthew sighed. Cloaking her in released emotions. Sadness and anger drifted over her in a downpour of rain, and ash. “Doctor Warner discovered how to call out to those who had enough blood to go back to their true forms.”
“Without an option?” Daniel certainly didn't get one.
“You had no option. In a few years in would have changed over one way or another.” Matthew said but without his usual under tone of implying her to be an idiot.
“My parents were human!” Daniel shouted. Trying to deny this unreal feeling, but feeling somewhere in her heart; that it clicked, it made sense.
“Two weak strains meeting made you.” Matthew looked down at her. “As for why you turned female, that's a dragon trait.” Matthew beat her next question, but he didn't make sense.
“Dragon trait?” Daniel said, tilting her head. Trying to get it to make out some logic to it.
“Dragon can be born one sex, but when the mature transform to the sex that suits their souls.” Matthew smiled, “I was always male by the way.”
“Like I didn't notice!” Daniel bite her tongue, what did she say! Reveal!
“I've noticed you too Messer.” Matthew chuckles low and husky. Causing a ripple of confusion over the information and desire. She decided to destroy that last thought. “What we need to do is go and get what we can. If the knights found information on others like you, they won't kill them.”
“That's good, we can rescue them?” Daniel went straight to the good idea. Saving lives before their lost, or coming in to save the day. What a true knight was about. Not that evil crap Matthew mentioned.
“Before they become pets? Slaves?” Matthew shook his head. “You almost didn't make the turn without caving into blood hunger.” Daniel remembered what that was, it took him weeks to recover from it. The nightmares alone...
“When I woke up in the underground?” Daniel confirmed. Waking up she remembered nothing but fear, and wanting to get home, come hell or bodies.
“Yes. It's an uneasy time.” Matthew shook his head. “Those like you get put in an arena to fight as war pets; forever loosing themselves.”
“Others?” Daniel whispered. Matthew's words were sinking in and hitting home. In hindsight, she was lucky; wasn't she?
“The nurturing kind; the ones whose nature goes towards caring instead of fighting. Become slaves to cater to the whims of the highest bidder.” Matthew's body shook. “I will fight for others. Now that we come into the light of the media. Things may go out way. A future for our nestlings, that's what I fight for.” Matthew's voice growled, and Daniel rumbled with him.
“You know otaku's would love us!” Daniel thought of her friend, the cosplayer; would droll at the chance to touch her scales. “I bet if I asked he could gather his friends and help spread some love.” Daniel started thinking of other things she could do. Pam was popular with the guys she could spread some love. The others surly wouldn't slack off.
“So you will fight then?” Mathew asked, the growl faded from his voice but it was still raw from the emotions he shared. One that Daniel very much believed in.
“Of course!” Daniel raised her fist striking a fighting pose. “All I wanted was to know why should I?” Daniel shrugged not hiding her lack of heroism. Without a cause, why bother? “Why risk my hide for a bastard dragon and a mad doctor?” Why, the unanswered question haunted her until now. With it cleared up, she had no problems helping out. “Turns out you're not so mad.”
“Just a bastard.” Matthew drawled rolling his shoulder to relax. “Well if the shoe fits...” Daniel smiled and let her words fade out.
“Let's go.” Matthew pushed open the door. Pushing her in front.
“Alright then!” Daniel felt pumped, her life as a dragon had officially started!

Written by psto1464 on 16 December 2019


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