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“You know what? Forget it.” Daniel said wiping her muzzle with her hands. Sighing, she felt tired; very tired. Not because she finished a work out and it was getting to her rest period. She had enough of them, the secrets, and not feeling safe.
“Messer?” Matthew asked it softly. Daniel scoffed, now he was being nice? Too little too late.
“I don't know and you know what?” Daniel looked Matthew straight in his eyes and didn't flinch. “You can't expect people to fight wars they don't care about.” Daniel wasn't stupid, people fought wars without knowing everything. History showed that in spades, and imagine what the history books didn't show? All she sought was a reason, something to hold onto.
“Messer you don't need to care.” Matthew started on her, but she wasn't going to have it this time. Putting up a clawed hand she cut him off.
“No I don't but this your mission, not mine.” Daniel got straight to her point before the shock wore off his scaled face. “I don't know what I was thinking, maybe that we could bond; be friends?” Daniel shrugged her shoulder. Unsure of her own thought she couldn't very well tell him what drove her to follow him earlier.
“To keep my family, and myself safe; I'll stick to assigned missions.” Daniel felt a tinge of warmth bellow out her noise. She would have jumped for joy if it had happened even minutes before, but she didn't care now.
“Good luck with your knights, I'm going back to training.” Daniel swung her tail around herself. “Which is my mission right now.” Feeling that was the best point she could leave at, she turned and walked back down the all. At her own pace.
“Messer you'll never learn anything if you walk down that hall.” Matthew shouted. Daniel shook her head, couldn't the man; pardon dragon do anything else.
Flipping him the bird, Daniel carried on. Jerk, she should call him by an interesting name to? Like Doctor ass-hat? Matthew walked on, ignoring Matthew grumblings until the hallway was quiet. For the first time in a long time. Daniel felt better. More confident? If Pam was here, she would call it girl power for sure. Humming, whistling was out with a dragon muzzle; Daniel went back to train; after a good long hot shower.

Written by psto1464 on 19 December 2019

The end (for now)

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