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As Daniel approached a bunker his friends separated, he traveled down the stairs. There were several red lights along the walls, then a red field appeared behind him, and in front, a green line of light went up and down his body, a voice that reminded Daniel of the computer on the droid ship on star wars republic commando said


“Analyzing genetic structure… match found, initiating proper age modifications.”


There was the sound of something powering up and a beam of silver energy shot him. Daniel twitched as the energy pulsed up and down his body. The beam stopped and he dropped the ground but still glowed, he felt weak, he began getting shorter, his muscle tone disappeared he screamed. His voice was a higher pitch and then it stopped, all his clothes except his boxers and shirt seemed to get bigger. From what he could see in the polished floor he was now 7 years old. The field in front of him dropped he tried touching the one behind him, it shocked him he then he proceeded forward.


“Please remove all unnecessary articles of clothing,” said the voice


Daniel removed all his too large clothes and continued down the hall, he reached a room that looked like the transporter room from star trek


“Please enter the teleportation module,” said the voice


Daniel entered it there was a glow of green light and he was in a near identical room, except there where what looked like clone troopers from star wars except black pointing weapons at him.


“All right now move it” said one of them,


He was escorted down a large hallway; he passed a window and saw he was in orbit, there several other ships outside the floors were metal and shiny and made him feel as though he were on a star destroyer. He was brought to a lab, there was a tall male figure wearing a black cape bent over a console. He turned and faced them, the left side of his face or even his head was covered in cybernetic implants. His left arm appeared to be made of metal, same with his right foot. His left eye was glowing blue and he still seemed to have an eyelid.


“Ah excellent, a new specimen,” he said in a monotone, but not robotic
“You may leave now” he said to the soldiers


They saluted and left. The figure then examined him. Daniel shivered; the floor was cold to his feet. The entire lab had different streamline instruments and several windows that viewed other larger labs. There was a large console that displayed a ship that looked almost exactly like the Eclipse from the Star Wars Empire at War expansion pack Forces of Corruption.


“It has been a while since anyone has wandered into our trap on the earth base, most were captured by a group of humans who work a project 0 if you cared to know.” Said the being turning back to a console, he typed several things in, the console beeped, it appeared to be a touch pad as were all the consoles.


Daniel saw several dissecting tools attached to metal arms that were connected to one point like the legs of a spider. He saw cutting tools, chambers, and other strange things.
“Who and what are you?” said Daniel
“We are cyborgs, we were once like you but we evolved and are now a hybrid of technology and flesh, we are at war with another race that mutates lower races into strange creatures and uses them in battle, we are able to battle them but we need a type as well, don't worry we don't do gender changes or make people into centaurs, we mainly do full or things werewolves but the werewolves are rare, you have a choice, I have selected and catalogued the DNA of nearly all the animals of your world we can begin transforming you into any you wish, as for me, just call me Zeta 78” said the being
“What about my friends?” said Daniel
“I don't know, they are probable going to be caught by project 0 or some other group that uses area 50 as a place to capture specimens, now what do you wish to be transformed into? It will not destroy the clothes you are wearing and we can return to scratch if need be,” said Zeta 78


(For what the eclipse looks like here is a link to picture


Written by Hnhn on 15 October 2008

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