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“Can I have time to think about it?” said Daniel
“Yes, we are not in the right lab any way, follow me” said Zeta 78
A door opened by one of the windows and they walked down a hallway. There were windows on ether side of them. The hallway they were in was suspended over a large room. Outside the windows Daniel could see many troops just like the ones who escorted him to the lab all shooting what looked like little floating cylinders. The color of the energy projectiles was white with a tint of blue. The cylinders would strafe to one side or the other. The projectiles hit an invisible barrier that only became visible when struck. Some of the soldiers had on backpacks that were connected to their armor. They passed through another door and there was another set of windows. On each side there were many beings like the one that he was following working on different things. Some appeared to be weapons, some he could not recognize. They passed through another door. The left window was shut but the right was open. Zeta 78 stopped and went up to the window and looked down into the room. There was a large beast. It appeared to be humanoid but hunched over. It was larger any human Daniel had seen. It had a tail and many spikes protruding from its shoulders and back. It had huge claws and its skin was brown. There were also two spheres with guns sticking out of them much like the guns of LAATs (The clone drop ships from star wars. The attack of the clones) just slightly below where they were standing, there were also several black amour soldiers along the wall, all pointing their weapons at the beast even though it was behind an energy barrier. There was then a soldier holding a weapon that Daniel had not seen carried by the soldier so far.


“That is our research in disruptor technology, that beast is the elite of the Fleraxian mutations, the Fleraxians are the enemies I told you about. The beast is extremely resistant to most of our infantrys weapons though our elite commandos can take them down. The disrupters break down organic matter at the molecular level. This is the first test of a disrupter designed to be powerful enough the destroy one of these beasts.” Said Zeta 78


The field dropped and the best charged. The soldier holding the disrupter fired. An orange ball of energy followed by a black trail, it hit the beast. There was a flash of range light and all that was left was a charred skeleton. The skeleton fell and then broke into ash. Zeta 78 pressed a few buttons on a panel on the windowsill activating an intercom of sorts.


“Well done Rho 18, Ill expect a full report and be sure to send your results back to weapons research.” Said Zeta 78


A tall being stepped out from a corner in the room and saluted then turned and exited through an unseen door. Zeta 78 then continued on. They passed through another door. The windows were shut. The remaining windows appeared to be the same.
“What is your species name?” said Daniel
“We are called Jerestians; our home world is called Jerest.” Said Zeta 78


They went through the final door and entered a circular room. The room sloped in towards the center. There were several devices placed around the highest part. There was also several doors along the walls. Zeta 78 went up to a wall. Tapped a few buttons and a long robotic arm extended from the ceiling and at the end of it there was an advanced looking syringe. The arm moved over to Daniel and injected the contents of the syringe into his neck. It didnt hurt.


“You are going to have to sleep for the night. I have injected you with Nanites and it will take them a while to disperse through your system.” Said Zeta 78


One of the doors opened and Daniel entered it. There was a bed and he went straight for it. He felt extremely tired and fell asleep as soon as he had lain down and drew the covers over himself. Though part of him felt as though the Nanites would do harm to him but he dismissed and fell into a dreamless slumber.


He awoke. At first he thought that he had just had a weird dream but the metal ceiling reminded him of where he was at. On the table in the corner of the room there was food and water. He ate and drank; he then went out the door. Zeta 78 was waiting for him.
“Ah good you are here, please step into to the circle and we can begin.” Said Zeta 78 Daniel walked down the center of the room.
“I have decided to try being a wolf.” Said Daniel
“Very well then, we begin now.” Said Zeta 78


The devices along the highest ring began glow. Thick streams of lightning shot from them and hit him. He felt extremely strange, his body seemed to slide and shift, it felt oddly good. His hands became paws and his head reshaped. He grew fur and the there was an explosion of light and he was full wolf. He fell to his hands or paws and painted. The same green light from the bunker went up and down his body, scanning him.


“I can communicate with you via your Nanites; we have been able to obtain sufficient results. What would you like to become next?” said Zeta 78


Daniel though for a moment and then decided to become a…


Written by Hnhn on 27 November 2008

The end (for now)

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