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“Bring on the knights,” Daniel said raising a hand it what she hoped looked like team spirit.
“That cheerleader friend of yours would do better.” Matthew said. “Let's go!” Turning on his heel and left the room in a small run, or what he frequently called it; a walk. When she called him out on it, it made his “walk” faster. Rolling her eyes, she followed after Matthew. Knowing better to expect details out of his iron trap of a mouth.
“We'll be taking the portal out, straight to Fire-burn headquarters.” Matthews told her without turning his head. He was to busy making her puff behind him. She had no clue what a portal was, but she would find out soon. She didn't waste her breath on asking. If you could still talk, you could run faster, harder. Daniel only had to pass out once to figure it out, well twice.
“Uh-huh,” Daniel learned how to puff with words. Uh-huh, was a quick inhale and exhale. Perfect while on the run, and with a guy who didn't want your opinion anyway.
“I've been working on your stamina. It sucks, but this shouldn't be a long course. Think of it as a sprint.” Daniel nodded at Matthews back, keeping a safe distance from his swinging tail. He was enjoying this too much; the rat.
“We go in like the doctor said and retrieve what we can.” Matthew stopped in from an unfamiliar red door. Not that she had a chance to look around, with her escape attempt a few months back. She still couldn't shake the shady looks; let alone get the trust to get access to anything called a portal. Portal, had to be a car port or even a helicopter hold. Some means of travel, and Daniel was a flight risk. She knew she wouldn't even be here now, if it wasn't for Matthew being with her.
“Questions.” Matthew gave his classic over the shoulder stare. Gah, the man didn't want any but... Daniel's mouth was bigger than an iron trap.
“Knights are bad guys? Are we getting people or papers?” Matthews eyes narrowed to slits. Avoided his eyes and looking at the very interesting stained beige walls. Daniel continued. “Isn't a pair of dragons obvious? I mean I don't want to end up in the evening news.” Matthew let out a low hiss. “Or a metal slab in area fifty-one.” Daniel let it all out in one breath.
“The knights are bad guys.” Matthew answered. Daniel eyes snapped back to him in shock. He answered a question! She wanted to ask him if he was okay, but dare not interrupt the flow. “Monster, or demon hunters going back to the beginning of times.” Daniel exhaled, that sounded big, massive. “We will save both the people and papers.” Matthew grabbed Daniel's shoulder. “We are already in the evening news.”
“We're what!” Daniel squeaked. She had spoken to her family, Doctor Ass-hat kept his word; but she didn't want it to go on television or worse go vial!
“We the dragons.” Matthew blew smoke out his nose. The charcoal scent wisp around her in a cloud. “We will no longer live in fear. We will no longer hide in humanities shadows. We will walk alongside it.”
“By forcing others to be what you are?” Daniel curled her lip at him. She may have accepted her fate. There was no going back, she was good at moving on; going with whatever. It didn't mean that there weren't some days. Nights; moments where she wished she was back to that shy little teenage boy.
“I doubt that will help people choose you over knights.” Knights would be defenders. Many people would agree that Matthews, and now her were nothing but monsters. Even Daniel had to agree with that. It's not like she was born this way.
“There's so much you don't know.” Matthew ran a hand over his muzzle sighing.
“You guys don't tell me shit!” Daniel snapped. The warmth of settled anger from a few month ago resurfaced. “You would have killed me, if I hadn't agreed to work here. Lord knows what you would have done to my family, friends.” Daniel bellowed the raw truth from her gut. Freeing herself from its acids.

Written by psto1464 on 11 December 2019

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