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The next morning while preparing some breakfast you notice that your food stocks are getting low, though your meat supply will last a bit longer than your vegetables. After making a light breakfast of scrambled eggs and some toast you wash up and make a list of everything you need to replace. You head to your bedroom to change into a pink shirt and light yellow shorts before grabbing your coin pouch and heading out for some shopping.


At the little vegetable shop closest to your house you buy a few things to replace everything you’ve used to far and upon paying you muster up the courage to ask the shopkeeper, an anthropomorphic tigress such as yourself and named Nirelka, about the lack of a butcher in the town.


“You know I thought you were that newcomer from out of town,” she says to you with some understanding in her eyes after looking confused for a moment or two. “I suppose you wouldn’t know, though I would have expected someone such as yourself to have found out first about how the town works. Anyway, here in our town every household hunts for their own meat at a special reserve were hares and the like are bred for that purpose.”


“Hang on,” you say after gulping nervously. “You’re saying that I need to go looking for my own meat and kill it?”


“That’s how it is here. Perhaps wherever you came from there are enough people to go hunting for others but here everyone must do it themselves due to the size of the town,” Nirelka replies without seeming phased by your shocked expression. Not knowing what else to say, you merely thank Nirelka and take your vegetables back to your home.


Back home you pack your vegetables away and look at the smoked meat hanging on your wall. You sigh at the thought of going hunting and killing animals with your claws and jaws but deep down you feel it’s something you have to do, for whatever reason. “I’ll just stretch my meat supply,” you mumble softly to yourself while still looking at your meat supply.

Written by green-eyedtiger on 22 July 2017

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