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You cupped some water in your sweating palms, and lifted them to your mouth, parting your lips and drinking. The taste was surprisingly bitter, and you immediately spat it out, shooting up to your feet and wiping your lips with the back of your hand.


“What the hell!?” You grit your teeth and spat a bit. Repulsive…was it really filthy or something? It looked spotless…


Having no choice but to keep going and hope you came across some water that wasn’t disgusting, you stumbled along between the trees, nearly tripping over the sprawling roots more than a couple of times. In fact, when you tried to hop over one, the toe of your boot caught on it, and you were sent plummeting face first against the grass.


Luckily, you had landed in an open clearing. Something very unlucky was about to happen to you though…


Written by vanillametal on 03 February 2016

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