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As you think through your moves, your mind wanders to the possibility of using Chidori (AKA Lightning Blade) from the Naruto Anime. You scan through your moves in your head and find the best combo to replicate the attack. Perfect!


"Hey Ash! Pikachu! Keep a close eye on me. You might learn a new move to use!" you shout at the two companions. You crouch low to the ground, taking your foot off of the unconscious Meowth and begin surging electricity into and around your right hand, using your left hand to hold your wrist, preventing any of the attack from escaping as wasted energy. After the attack is ready (as indicated by the sound of a thousand birds chirping from your hand), you look up at the Rockets to look for your target and find that they have released Wobafet and Weezing. You know special attacks won't work on Wobafet due to his Mirror Coat so you set your sights on Weezing. You briefly register the awe you hear from Ash, Misty, and Pikachu, but shut it out and use more energy to start a quick-attack. You glow with your attack before rapidly dashing towards Weezing. The Rockets have other plans, however.


"Wow! She's certainly creative!" Jessie exclaims.


"Let's show her that creativity isn't lost on us! Weezing! Use Smoke Screen and Toxic at the same Time!" James commands his Pokemon.


"Wobafet, get ready to take the attack!" Jessie shouted, taking extra measures to stop your attack. Weezing breathes obscuring gas from his mouth and from the cover of the black smoke, fires toxic sludge at you. You use the speed of your quick attack to your advantage and quick-step out of the way of the attacks much like Sonic in <i><b>Sonic Unleashed,</b></i> and quickly close the distance. After that thought, you briefly wonder if you could get a Sonic costume, but now's not the time for that. You decide to run circles around the Smoke Screen, hoping to clear up the smoke, but only in vain.


"Tranquil, help out our new friend and use gust to clear the smoke!" You hear Ash shout. Alright! Some back-up at last! Gale force winds suddenly pick up, getting rid of the smoke and giving you a clear sight of your target. You turn a sharp left right for Weezing, but Wobafet leaps in the way. In swift response, you quick-step to the side and jab your electrified hand right into Weezing's face shouting:


"Chidori!" A critical strike resulting in a one-hit KO. Weezing drops to the ground unconscious, leaving a stunned Wobafet standing alone. For dramatic affect, you look darkly at the Rockets who are quickly attempting to recover from their shock and horror. "And that's not even the worst I can do." you bluff ominously. The combination attack quickly drained you, and those circles you ran didn't help. You can barely stand, but you hide that well.


"H-how could you be that fast?!" Wobafet asked in shock. You ignore the shock ridden Pokemon and look right at the Rockets with a glare that would strike fear into anyone.


"Now, unless you two want a bit more spark in your day, I suggest you run along and hide in a ditch somewhere. The next time we meet, I won't offer the same mercy. It'll be off with your heads!" you continue bluffing. Your words are well received by the duo as evidenced by their hurried scramble to grab their Pokemon and get out of there. Ash recalls his Tranquil as they make their hasty escape.


As soon as they are out of sight, you finally let your exhaustion surface, falling to your hands and knees. Ragged breaths become audible to Ash and Misty as you held yourself up. the two trainers gasped in horror at seeing you fall over and rushed over to check on you.


"Hey! Are you alright?" Ash asked with concern. The two and their Pokemon give you a confused look when you chuckle.


"I guess I over did it a little. Keeping up a combo move like that must use a lot of energy." you say in reply. "And I bet being half human doesn't help in the least. Those guys would have no doubt taken me out if they didn't believe my bluffs!" you add as an after thought. Misty seems to relax a little, and what you suddenly recognize as the scent of her fear fades away. You can slowly feel your energy being drained from just the effort of staying upright. You try to gently lower yourself to the ground on your back, but your arms give in at the last second, dropping you harshly on the ground. At least your short tumble was softened by the grass.


"I think... I should sleep now... I'm totally drained." You say, closing your eyes.


"Wait! I don't even know your name!" Ash exclaims. You open your eyes a moment and think. You can't use your old name anymore; it just doesn't fit with this new body.


"Call me... Ruby." you decide. Why not? It's a girl's name and also one of the versions of Pokemon in your own world, so it kind of fits. Ash and Misty smile at you.


"Well then Ruby, it's nice to meet you." Ash says. You nod as you close your eyes again, drifting into sleep.


"You too Ash and Misty." you reply. And then the blackness takes you.

Written by GameHero on 19 November 2013

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