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You slowly return from your dead drop into unconsciousness, picking up different things with your senses. The first thing that reaches you is the prominent smell of flowers. You realize that some Pok?mon probably have better senses than humans, including the one you've turned into. The next thing you register is Ash. You can smell his worry, and you hear him next to you, but you can't understand what he's saying. You focus on his words, trying to listen in when you hear the name you'd given yourself.


"Ruby, if you can hear me right now, I want to say thank you. Thank you for helping us out against Team Rocket, and for chasing them off." You hear. The nerves in the rest of your body activate, allowing you to move again. You reach over to where you guess Ash's hand is, and open your eyes, but doing so reveals to you how much your muscles ache from the strain you put on them earlier. You ignore the pain and look up at Ash.


"You couldn't have waited until you knew I was awake? Geez, you're an impatient one!" You rasp. You already knew Ash was impatient, but you wanted a laugh to start off the new day. Or night. You don't really know yet. Ash looks at you in absolute shock.


"Ruby!?" Ash yells, causing Misty and Nurse Joy to come through the door. They both looked in absolute surprise at you and Ash.


?You?re awake already? That?s? a miracle to say the least! You should have fallen into a coma after using that much energy!? Nurse Joy states. A Coma!? But then? why didn?t I? You ask yourself. Nurse Joy walks over looks at one of the machines you?re hooked up to.


?Let me check your vitals real quick? Wow! It appears you?ve made a full recovery! But how is that possible?? she says. You think back to the battle, and remember that your attacks seemed to drain you much faster than you thought they should. Maybe?


?During the battle, my moves seemed to drain me faster than any other Pok?mon. Maybe being insanely fast at recovering is meant to balance out that problem.? You suggest.


?You may be right about that.? Nurse Joy admitted after thinking it over for a moment. ?Well, in any case you?re free to go! Just don?t overdo it again!? she tells you with a smile.


?Don?t worry, Nurse Joy. I?ve learned my lesson from that encounter. It won?t be happening again anytime soon!? You say, sitting up. You let Nurse Joy unhook the machines and then you stood up.


?So Ruby, where do you plan on going next?? Misty asks you. Good question. Where do you plan on going?

Written by GameHero on 02 December 2013

i think i remember where the costume place is

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