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“I think it’s best to avoid other birds... who knows how that could go! I think I should try to figure this out myself for awhile-” you decide, scanning over the area once again. There’s so many different area around you though, on all sides! Behind you, the sea stretched out into an expanse of deep blue shades. Somewhere, right on the edge of your range of vision, there’s some speckling like islands or trees in the far distance. Then, in front of you, the harbor is a cacophony of colors and life. Buildings pile up on each other while boats and shipments are scattered throughout the area. There’s plenty there, piling up in your range of vision.


“There’s certainly... a lot to look at-” Your head spins around, trying to take it all in. “Where should I even go?”

Written by Picklessauce69 on 11 June 2016

Out To Sea
In Land

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