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Your eyes continue out over the expanse of buildings, “No. I want to stay on land. Who knows what’s out on that water!”


You turn inland, starting to pump your wings madly to cover maximum distance; but the further and further you fly you begin to notice the world is utterly changed. The earth has been seared and exposed. Not a single shred of living green shows. Buildings are mere shells without windows inside the open bullet holes on the surfaces of brick and metal. Flying, gazing down at all, you wonder how such a place could have been leveled. Streets are littered with cars, some stoplights still work, flickering meaninglessly between green and red without anyone to tell go or stop too. “What happened here?” you think, mouth gaping open as you fly over a stadium where the field is intact, but there’s massive bundles of blackened, stained red. “Is that.... Blood?” Your back shudders with a fearful shiver.


“What could have happened that didn’t kill everything... just destroyed the city, the people?” You swirl down, lower to peer into the broken windows and hanging open doors of the buildings. You don’t spot a single soul. Shelves of stores have been ripped down, televisions smashed inwards. Signs have been littered on the sidewalks: “Repent!”; “God is Punishing Us!”; “The End is Nigh!” You just stare at these, confused.


“What could have caused such panic? What is it?! I’ve got to find out!” Slowly, you let your wings rest as you perch onto the top of a rusting sign post, it’s metal groaning beneath your weight as you look out at the entire landscape in front of you. In the far distance, back towards the water the sky is clear and the world seems green alive, but as you came closer into the development of the city, everything is dead. The ground is cement, but broken and torn up. Cars have been smashed, windows broken into. After staring, you begin to spot the crumpled forms of bodies inside some back seats, curled into fetal positions, praying positions, holding others.


“What caused such devastation... Such pain?” At the corner of your vision, you notice a giant crater towards the center of the city.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 14 June 2016


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