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“Well I’ve seen some other seals in the area, if there’s something going on or anything, then I wanted you to know that it’s about that. I think we’re trying to be invaded or taken over or something.” You mentioned.
“Oh really? Huh? That’s weird because actually-”
“Hey! Don’t talk about that! We have that all under control!” Someone else said. Clearly there was something else that they too were hiding from you.
“How do we know she’s not from the pack of other invading seals or something?” Someone else suggested. Before long, it feels like they were not yet convinced. Maybe it wasn’t the best suggestion, I mean hey you did just come up with it in the heat of the moment, how bad could it have gone anyway.
“I’m just sending you a warning, if you don’t believe me, then you may be in danger… I’m not going to try so hard to convince you, I just came here to warn you.” You said, trying not to prompt any questions that’d cause more tension on your end. But still, you had to come to an actual decision about this quickly before things got out of hand.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 26 January 2024

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