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You decide to spend most of your time with the pack, after everyone settled down. Before long, you even found yourself enjoying the time you’ve spent with the rest of the pack. On your journey, you have made lots of friends and some of them were particularly interesting to you.
Even after so long, you couldn’t figure out who your best friend was- there were lots of colorful characters all around you to choose from though. You would spend your days subtly thinking about the new people you had come across.
First, there was the pack leader. He had made himself quite well known to you throughout your journey, and even after. Occasionally, you both would sit and talk about the health and wellness of the pack- you started thinking about it more and more as time passed.
Thenagain, you couldn’t help but think about the mother who lost her child on the way here. Somehow, you kept feeling at fault about it, but you just put those thoughts to the back of your mind as time went on. Still, in a way, maybe you felt the need to comfort her… somehow.
Finally- more mysteriously, you wondered about the pack leader of the new pack, now fully integrating with your pack almost seamlessly. You kept wondering if he had any kind of underlying intent with your original pack. He was being so nice after all, and considering the looming threat to not only your pack, but eventually, even their pack, he was playing it pretty cool.
You couldn’t seem to figure out which one had excited you the most. So you spent a bit more time thinking about which path you would ultimately take.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 09 October 2023

Both Your pack’s leader
Both The mother whose child didn’t make it
Both New pack’s leader

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