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As you went on this trip, you truly did start to get quite attached to some of your other seal friends. Almost even to the point where you had started to feel some sort of empathy, sympathy, or something like that. There was one seal that you felt particularly sympathetic for and that was the woman who lost her child on the way here.
You almost forgot that you could have saved her kid but didn’t. Regardless you obviously felt guilty about it, so now it was your chance to try to convince her how good of a person you are. It took you a while to discern her from the crowd, but she was quite literally the only female without kids all around her.
“Hey.” You said approaching her and climbing up on a flat piece of ice. There were several other female seals with their kids all around you all but they seemed to stay away. For a moment, you thought you could hear them whispering among themselves- something about unlucky- whatever it was, it must not have pertained to you or the female whose child didn’t make it.
“Hello.” you replied. You didn’t seem to know exactly what to say to her. “How have you been.” The generic option never failed you before, it certainly shouldn’t fail you now.
“I’ve been doing quite well, I’m just grateful we have food now.” She mentioned.
“Yeah, for me, it’s all I could ever ask for!” You replied. The female was silent for a while, just watching her reflection in the water.
“That’s right. Safety is all we could have ever asked for…” She said with deep gratitude. “Who knows how many we could have lost had you not come along. You’re truly a hero for all of us.”
“I try my best. I just really wanted everyone to be happy. It’s the right thing to do!” You said, puffing out your chest like the hero you were.
“Oh you’re so humble.” The woman said with a cute little giggle.
“Thank you.” You replied. “I just wanted to spend some time with you today.”
“Why is this?” She asked, tilting her head.
“I just wanted to really feel like a family with you all, you know. I just wanted to be closer with all of you.” A bright smile spread across your face. You wanted to make sure she understood how open, friendly, and relatable you were being from your expression alone. You stared her down until she returned a cute soft little smile back at you, covering her whiskered muzzle with her flipper.
“I’m glad you feel that way. Thank you for taking the time to spend some time with me.” She replied.
“Yeah. I actually wanted to talk to you about something.” You took a moment to ponder your conversational topic.


Written by Drifting Dragon on 17 November 2023

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