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The sun woke you with your blinding light. Waking you to your dry throat. You would never take your refrigerator for granted again. The idea of pouring yourself a nice tall glass of juice would have made you droll, if you had the saliva to spare. You stretch high up, flexing your paws with the familiarity of years instead of hours. In need of water you rotate your shoulders and start walking.


Water had to be somewhere. Otherwise, a tropical jungle like this would wilt, right? You walk for what feels like hours. A low and twinkling sound stops it, like a water fountain. Like a water fountain! You turn about excitedly. Rustling the debris you've been walking on and losing the precious sound that could lead you to the water. You stop moving, heart beating hard as you try to calm yourself. Listen, you command yourself. With your new hearing you should have this.


A slow twinkle, it was soft sound and distant sound; meaning it was probably far away. Would you risk leaving your straight path. A path to you felt relatively save in travelling without getting lost. Or would you follow the sound possibly leading to water and quince your thirst but now the possibility of you getting turned around and lost would be higher.

Written by psto1464 on 13 August 2018

Follow that water

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