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Lifting his hand, he cocks the hammer on the gun.


“What was that?” Pammy asks, getting closer, reaching her hand out to feel for a closer look.


Gassan’s mind goes black and he pulls the trigger.


A loud, explosive gunshot echoes through the building, and Pammy falls to the floor.


There is no blood, however. Instead of a wound, Pammy’s skin ripples, changing her. Her flesh turns scaly and dry, shiny like reptilian scales.


Daniel makes his way back out into the main room, “Pammy! Gassan? Are… are you guys here? David? Jake?”


“Ah… Agh!” Pammy screams, watching her hands turn into reptilian claws, webbed between her fingers, and her hair receding into her skull.


Gassan can only watch blindly as Daniel slowly walks into the light, revealing her new animalistic form.


Jake and David rush to the three, panicked.


“We heard a huge sound, is everyone all—Oh, God! Jesus!” David panics, watching as his girlfriend writhes on the floor, her smooth skin slowly changing into scales.


Her mouth lengthens, stretching and shaping itself to look like a gecko’s face. Her spine crackles softly as a plump, smooth tail jets from her back, and her toes fuse together, forming three, plump, sticky toes.


Pammy has become a gecko.

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 07 May 2015

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