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“What is going on?! What… is… is that… Pam?!” David is flustered and panicked, while Jake on the other hand admires with excitement.


“Oh my God! You… you’ve turned anthro!” Jake exclaims, “How freakin’ awesome is that?! Wow! Is… Daniel? Are… are you a… girl?”


“Y-yeah,” Daniel says, looking down at her anthropomorphic feet, “I… I guess I… am.”


Gassan stands silently, cocking his gun again, aiming it as David as he is distracted, kneeling over Pam’s newly changed form.


Shooting, David is stricken with the bullet. In a painful reaction, he falls to the floor, wriggling in panic, searching for blood. He does not bleed, but instead, his body begins to change just as Pam’s did.


Daniel smiles a little as he watches David slowly transform into a reptile like his lover, looking to Gassan, Daniel swishes his tail and shifts his weight to one foot, extending his hip. Pointing to Jake, Daniel giggles,“What about him?”


“Yeah,” Pammy says, batting her big, cute gecko eyes, “What about him? He said he likes foxes,


“Oh my god… yes. So-o-o cute!” Daniel says, “Oh my god, do it, do it!”


“D-do what?” Jake says, nervously backing up toward the exit, his hands up as if under arrest, “I… I like furries and stuff but I don’t know if I…”


“Join us, Jacob,” Daniel says. Pammy and David wrap their arms around each other, and move to Gassan’s side as Gassan aims the strange pistol at Jake, terrified.

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 08 May 2015

Not who he seems

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