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You put the suit on, grabbing a bunch of wires. While the airlock cycles you make sure that everything is secure. Once open to space you secure the safety line to the outside and jump out, slowly releasing the line.


This allows you to get a good look at the ship. Quickly you reconsider calling it a ship, this is a station. Or at least what is left of one. The solar arrays have been damaged. The station itself has not faired much better, each section has large holes punched through.


Only your section appears to have escaped. You can see the force field holding the air in. Also the array has only partially been damaged. Heading for it you notice most of the connections are hanging loose. Using everything you brought you manage to get most of the panels back into the circuit.
Heading back in you check on the tablet to confirm that you have power and to your delight not only is the power positive the oxygen consumption has also decreased. While not enough to start generating replacement oxygen it is still enough to give you a couple more days.


So oxygen generator is the next thing to repair. Heading into the room on the map you find machines all broken beyond your limited repair ability. What you do have however is algae. Tanks and tanks full of green.


The oxygen meter in this room is saying there is a lot more oxygen here then everywhere else. So ventilation to get the air flowing again. Opening both doors you set one door with fans to start distributing the air through the rest of the section.


Checking the tablet the oxygen seems to now be slowly rising. Having gotten the immediate needs handled you return to the room to sleep.

Written by catprog on 02 November 2015

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