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The next day you two don't talk much, but you do feel better as you eat your breakfast, your more basic, biological needs taking more urgency than your psychological and social ones. For his part Ethan is quiet, but not uncaring. He silently takes care of everything as you sit there thinking and overthinking.


The noon passes as well, you have nothing to do so you just sit there are the couch, watching the tv. It seems that you can get all the programs from the normal world and so far no one is speaking of a mass disappearance of people. You sigh but then suddenly your eyes go wide as Ethan hugs you from behind.


"I don't know what you were in real life... and you don't know me, but it doesn't matter, we will get through this, I know it." He declares, gently whispering as you melt in his grasp as he comforts you. You decide against doing anything too intimate as you still feel its too awkward. Still the awkwardness and the tension between you is lifted and you feel that you can breathe a bit easier, knowing that he will be there to support you.

Written by Luksinatriks on 13 May 2018

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