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The rest of the week slowly goes on, days slowly passing one by the other. It seemed that the organizers somehow smuggled money in for you all... strange, you are still not sure if this is an illusion as this starts looking more and more like a perfect paradise. You don't need to work and your every need is taken care off. Then again with no work you spend more and more time with Ethan and the two of you get really close, talking about your personal lives... your real lives outside of this town and these costumes. Funny, you still continue to harbor feelings for him, but the awkwardness is considerably lessened now that you both have talked about it.


At the midway point, during the Sunday which marked the 7th day of the 14 day contract an event was organized, by whom you don't know, but most likely by the organizers who continued to act from the shadows, no one seeing them or interacting with them. Usually that would make you angry or fearful but by now you have gotten used to it. You cant change it or do anything about it so why worry?


"Heh... whoever is organizing this must be pretty resourceful." Ethan commented as you stood on the sidewalk, a parade of anthros parading down the streets. There are various animals represented, from the mouse to the dragon and once more you are mesmerized by the amount of people here. Still the remarkably organized parade, or at least remarkably so considering that most of these people prepared only for a day or two, was entertaining.


"At least they gave us something to entertain us." You casually comment as your resting in Ethan's arms, feeling completely natural and safe in his scaly grasp. You don't blush or feel any discomfort, only warmth, security and happiness as you watch the parade with him in silence.


"You know I don't mind it..." he comments, before explaining. "Being a dragon..." he adds and you giggle at his remark. "Im serious!" he protests. "you get to fly, look cool, breath fire and most of all get dragonesses!" he teases, holding you tight.


"Oh quiet you! A dragon for 7 days and he believes he is a real one." You tease back and the two of you laugh as you watch the procession unfold before you. You even purr as you feel the hours pass, the two of you standing there in silence, fatigue and weight not bothering you a bit as you feel like your in some state of trance.


"I fear... that I might get too used to this..." you finally complain as the parade ends and the crowds begin dispersing. The evening was approaching soon and the moon was visible by now. "I fear I might not want to leave this... this fake reality" you explain but Ethan seemed unshaken.


"Well..." he begins. "It might be a lie... but it's a white one... innocent and short lived... I suggest we enjoy it! After all when the time comes..." he speaks, but let his thoughts fade away as you get his meaning.


"I don't regret it tough... not one bit." You remark and admit to him and he purrs in acknowledgement, holding you all the way to your shared home.


"Me neither... your fun to be around and I haven't felt this much freedom since... well, ever." He admits as the two of you enter the house, the fatigue catching up to you as you feel heavy from all the emotions you had today. Still it was well worth it and you feel very nice, even more so as you get in your pajamas and wash your teeth, getting ready to go to your beds. Then you gather up the courage to ask Ethan.


"Ethan... can we... sleep together tonight? Just sleeping... in the same bed?" you ask him as he finishes washing his draconic teeth and he laughs.


"Of course we can." He answers and you exhale feeling pressure being alleviated. With that the two of you move into his bed and you feel... completely safe and relaxed, melting away into your dreams as you sleep besides the sexy male dragon that is Ethan. The night was pleasant, cold as you slept beneath shared sheets. Your dreams were sweet and once more you found you were... losing yourself in these feeling, as if your personality was being rewritten, but the feeling of safety and comfort were so mesmerizing to you.
"ahhh..." you yawn as you stretch, waking up in the morning, feeling more rested than you... well you cant recall when you felt this rested. For some reason Ethan's scent lingers on your draconic nostrils and you inhale it deeply, not feeling like fighting the sensations anymore. You brush your teeth and take a shower before heading down to see Ethan preparing breakfast for the two of you.


"oh you didn't have to." You mutter as you watch him bake eggs and beacon. He blushed, you can tell.


"But I wanted to." He responds as he works. "I usually wake up early for work and... that's not a habit I want to lose." He says and the two of you giggle as you help him set the table up. The two of you work in synergy and silence.


"This is amazing." You compliment him and his cooking. He had cooked for you before but you don't think you would ever get used to it.


"Thank you." He says and the two of you lose your gaze into each other as you finish your meal. You don't know how you will survive the next few days... there is still a week to go before the organizers release you. Still you will survive somehow. It is much easier now that you two have admitted your feelings for each other.

Written by Luksinatriks on 17 May 2018

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