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“Okay,” you stated angrily. “Something is wrong.”
Closing a fist, you started pounding on the virtual button. “Work, damn you, why will you not work!”
This room was the same as every other dungeon entrance, a pentagram on the floor, half-melted candles, and one door leading deeper into the ruins of some old military base or skyscraper where demons should be awaiting. Maybe if you can make it to the teleporter on the end of the level you could force it to logoff during the loading sequence.
You tried to check your loadout, wishing you had put more time in training your soldier skills, but you had specialized as a Chimera Jockey. The class had been your favorite from day one, instead of fighting directly on the battlefield you used spells to control powerful creatures that had been altered through the use of barely understood magic.
Your first instinct is to try and summon one of your chimeras, for a dungeon like that you had always preferred the hellhounds, but the glitched menus make it impossible to summon any of your beasts.
You reached for your weapons, the shotgun materializing out of nowhere and you chambered a 12-gauge cartridge. Fifty rounds, twenty of them silver. You cursed yourself for not having a better gun on your loadout, but you had spent most of the resources making the new armor and weapons for your chimeras.
You pressed an ear against the door, listening for the sounds of any movement beyond. The silence was thick and heavy.
You reluctantly advanced to the door and pulled it open, hoping the game wouldn’t crash itself and fry your brain. As the door swung aside, you walk in the next room with your gun on the ready, waiting for the demons to appear.

Written by ashley-natter on 15 July 2019

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