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Nobody was in sight.
“Nothing here…” You started to say, then abruptly spun around as across the room something appeared in an explosion of tortured bits.
Advancing slowly, you scowled at the strange shape that seemed to gain form, wondering what the hell it could be. Then your eyes went wide as the pixels began to ripple through an array of colors and patterns before settling down with an audible crack. The creature in front of you was distorted and ever-changing, its shapes seeming to defy the limits of your perceptions, fractal colors multiplying in infinity hues.
“Shit,” you muttered, this had never happened before.
“You have finally arrived,” the creature said, the wall around it rippled with its words, its colors rippling from purple to an impatient red. “We don’t have much time, the system will reboot you any moment now.”
“What?” You asked, baffled.
“They have many eyes everywhere, it won’t take them long to detect this illegal session,” the creature finished with a scholarly tone, the colors going towards calming green tones. “But we should have enough time.”
“Enough time for what?” You asked, frowning.
“To make a pact, dear lady,” the fractal creature said, flaring in radiant colors that hurt your eyes with its impossible hues. “I can give you power like no one has seen before, wisdom and arcane power like no other chimera.”
“Wait, a new chimera form?” You said, finally understanding what was happening. Somehow you must have accessed some secret room that was still in development, that explained the weird appearance of the room and the glitched speech of the creature, it couldn’t even identify that you were a male properly.

Written by ashley-natter on 16 July 2019

Both Sphinx

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