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As you sketch the outline of the dragon on the sandy beach, your hand moves with a mix of anticipation and artistic fervor. Each stroke brings the creature to life, its form taking shape on the page before you. But as you continue, a tingling sensation spreads through your fingertips, an inexplicable energy that sends shivers up your spine.


Your eyes widen in disbelief as you witness the drawing completing itself, stroke by stroke, as if guided by some unseen force. The dragon's fierce features emerge in vivid detail, its scales glimmering with an otherworldly radiance. A mixture of awe and trepidation washes over you, leaving you momentarily breathless. How is this possible? You wonder, your mind struggling to grasp the reality unfolding before your very eyes.


Then, a peculiar sensation grips your body. It starts with a slight tingling, like the prickle of pins and needles, and gradually intensifies. A gasp escapes your lips as you glance down at your own hands, only to find that your skin has taken on a subtle, scaly texture, mirroring the very creature you've drawn. Your heart pounds in your chest, a blend of fear and fascination consuming you.


With wide-eyed wonder, you watch as wings sprout from your back, unfurling with grace and strength. They stretch out, extending into the air, casting a shadow over the sand beneath you. A mixture of exhilaration and confusion fills your being as you tentatively flex your newfound appendages, the feeling of power coursing through your veins.

Written by - on 03 June 2023

Both Dragoness

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